Holiday Tradition-Fruitcake

Sunday, October 9, 2022 11:26 AM

I know you’re rolling your eyes thinking it’s not even Halloween and you’re talking about Christmas fruitcake.  In my defense a good fruitcake takes planning.  It’s got to sit for aout three weeks and absorb the magical brandy which helps make it moist.  My mom and dad were always on the quest for the perfect fruitcake.  Growing up it was none of the Claxton boxed stuff but always homemade.  The best fruitcake came from my Aunt’s “secret” recipe which was from a Richmond lady posted in Southern Living Nov 1977.  This post is to share said secret recipe with all of you.  As a shameless plug for the farm store, we have most all the ingredients needed.  For my gluten free friends, substitute a 1:1 flour.  Following is the cleaned up version from a very well worn clipping out of mom’s cookbook (which by the way is also a well worn Joy of Cooking years ago recovered with contact paper).  Still being new to blog posts and by chance this doesn’t come through well, please let me know and I’ll email you a copy.  Now, back to the pumpkin patch.

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