Winter Reflections

Thursday, December 29, 2022 2:11 PM

As the year comes to an end and cold winter days are upon us, here are some ramblings of the year past and year to come.  As is typical for us we had many ups and downs.  There is the constant struggle with the weather and having enough help to keep moving forward.  Many only see the faces at the store or farmers markets.  It’s the unseen faces who keep the day to day operations going that are the true “heroes” of the farm.  We had our share of long term employees head off to other adventures and new ones appear.  As always we are on the look out for anyone who is interested in joining our farm family to help in the fields or at market.

A few teasers for the coming year: we are experimenting on growing more crops “under cover”.  We are expanding our greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, herbs etc to include strawberries.  We are also trying raised compost beds for some crops we haven’t focused on in the past (carrots, beans, fennel for starters).  We also are working with another local farmer, Chalet Farm, who’s focus is specialty crops grown for DC restaurants.  Hopefully you will see more unusual offerings at the store and markets.

For our farm store, we’ve done a little more renovating and are constantly refining what we carry.  We are open to suggestions always and are glad to do special orders when we can.  New for 2022 was our ABC license.  Our local wine section is slowly expanding as well as the section which complements it with drink mixers and entertaining supplies.  We are also refining our herbal supplements and healing section.  Come in and check with in house “guru” Lolo.  

As I close for today and 2022, we wish best of health and luck for the coming year to all our farm friends.  Now, off to a cup of hot chocolate….

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