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Why are our Strawberries so good?

We grow our strawberries on raised beds, so picking is much easier, we use plastic mulch so they are clean, and most of all, it’s the soil.  The soil on our farm just seems to make ‘em taste great !!

Strawberry season begins in early May and runs through early June

Call the market 804-448-0395 or check our Facebook page for current conditions.


Blueberries were first planted on Mt Olympus in 1985

Blueberry season begins toward the end of June and lasts through July

Check out our facebook page for current blueberry picking conditions or call the market 804-448-0395

Humble beginnings.....

It all started here


Blackberry picking is usually “sticky” business but not around here!

We’ve got thornless varieties to make your PYO experience a lot less painful.