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Mt Olympus Farm is located on U.S. Rt 1,  1 mile north of Carmel Church VA

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2021 CSA or Farm Friend Membership?

We will have two options for 2021

> The CSA will be limited to 20 local shares

> Farm Friend member is a buyer's club that is unlimited and open all year.

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a system whereby members purchase a "share" of the harvest at the beginning of the season.  This is a time when farmers incur the highest costs and provides them with much needed capital to get started each season.  Together farmers and members share in both the risks and bounty of the season.  Each week members receive their share of the harvest.

2021 CSA Local Only

limited to first 20 applications

Feb 1 - Feb 28 open to prior members

March 1 - March 31st any remaing shares available open to everyone

One size share (worth at least $20 product)

8 week share season:

2 weeks in May (7th & 14th)

6 weeks peak season (July 9 - Aug 12)

Cost: $160


Farm Friend Membership

Farm Friend membership club alternative to a traditional CSA.  You are in control of what you get.  You "buy in" at a set amount at any point of the season and receive your membership card.  You receive from 10% - 13% increase in your farm investment.  

Other rewards: 10% off pick your own, 10% off bulk pricing or special offers, monthly drawing for prizes.  Automatically enrolled in Farm Rewards program for additional benefits.  No set pick up day or limitation to products you may purchase.  Member card is "reloadable".

Buy in cost:

$200 (receive $220 on account)

$400 (receive $450 on account)

$600 (receiver $680 on account)


Join both the Farm Friend club AND the CSA and get 100 reward points ($10 value) applied to your Loyalty reward account.  Also register your birthday for a $5.00 coupon that can be spent during your birthday week (part of farm loyalty program).